Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tips for a More Sustainable Plunge Pool

Installing plunge pools and maintaining them shouldn’t come with too much of an expense to the environment. After all, natural resources like water and energy should be conserved, too. If you want to satisfy those green goals, take note of these tips for a more sustainable plunge pool:

Pick fibreglass.

Fibreglass pools require relatively less construction work and less maintenance than concrete pools. They retain heat better as well, which means your heaters don’t have to work overtime to keep the water warm at night. You can find refurbished fibreglass pools, too, to take pride knowing that you purchased a quality recycled home accessory.

Make it smaller.

With a smaller pool, you’ll need less water and less chemicals and energy to maintain it. Make it even better by installing the small pool underneath the shade of trees or awnings of your deck.

Get green pool equipment.

Find energy-efficient pool pumps, heater, cleaners, and other equipment used in maintenance. You can also look for greener alternatives to traditional pool chemicals. Additionally, consider pool covers to lessen the evaporation of water in your pool.

Be invested in maintenance.

Follow the instructions of your pool company regarding maintenance so you can maximise the lifespan of your pool and decrease the likelihood of needing to get repairs or replacements. That would certainly help in minimising your carbon footprint.

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