Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Basics of Structural Warranty

Just because fibreglass is hardy doesn’t mean it’s not invulnerable. Nothing made by human hands can last forever, even if you won’t be around to see it wear out. That’s why, in addition to the fibreglass pool and its components, pool contractors include a structural warranty to cover repairs, usually ten years.

A structural warranty is an industry standard among pools. Although warranties may vary by pool contractor, general coverage includes surface blisters, stains and discolouration due to material or manufacturing defects. Although fibreglass pools can last a lifetime, they’re still exposed to the elements.

The difficulty in understanding warranties seems to stem from the fact that most people think that warranties are a one-size-fits-all means of protection. A structural warranty, in this case, covers defects in the pool hull. Others elements like the pool’s finish or installed equipment have separate warranties.

Owing to the durability of fibreglass, a structural warranty may seem unnecessary, but problems love popping up when you least expect them. Making a fibreglass pool isn’t easy, and there are bound to be lapses along the way, albeit mostly minor. A structural warranty is a good sign; it means that you, the pool owner, don’t have to shoulder the cost of a sudden leak.

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