Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What is a Plunge Pool?

Want to get a pool, but not really keen on swimming around? Then a plunge pool is the perfect fit for you. A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool built specifically for the purpose of lounging or just chilling out by the water. Its relatively small size makes it a preferred choice among many homeowners because of lower costs, easier maintenance, and reduced water requirements. You cannot practically swim in it, but rather simply wade and cool off.
The smaller size of a plunge pool make it highly customisable. Homeowners can literally have it their way – from a geometric-inspired or minimalist designed pool to a relaxing green-themed spa pool. Some of the more popular optional features for these pools include:
Waterfalls – The water in the pool can be recirculated using a waterfall, which gives the effect of a natural, refreshing waterfall in your own backyard.
Massage therapy – Using jets, plunge pools can also double as water massage centres. As you float, you have the luxury of a soothing, targeted massage; allowing for maximum relaxation.
Temperature control – Is it sweltering and you’d like a nice, cool dip? You can cool down your water at will whenever you want, as the small water volume in a plunge pool can easily be heated or cooled.
A plunge pool’s wide array of configurations enable owners to create the pool of their dreams from standard components. Add up a little creative touch and voila! A relaxation haven at an affordable price is within anyone’s reach.

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